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Our professional staff strives for nothing but excellence when it comes to providing you with cosmetic dentistry. We offer the latest in cosmetic procedures and are always. The catalyst of our success is the tool, dental imaging.

Upon your first visit we will take what we call records which consist of digital images. We will then use that data along with your personal goals in order to determine the best approach to achieving your smile and personal dental health goals.

Once the evaluation of your records has been completed we will have you in for a second consultation, usually within a few days. We will affirm your personal dental health goals and together formulate a plan for the treatment that best suits your personal needs according to your time-frame and budget. Another great tool we enjoy offering our patients is the before-image of what their smile will look like after the procedure.

Regardless of the condition of your teeth we can show you how amazing your smile will look before we get started. If you would like to see how wonderful your smile is going to look, give us a call. We’re here to help.